Optically clear safety glass film. This safety film creates an invisible yet potentially life-saving barrier by reducing the risk of breakage during impact and holding glass fragments in place if breakage occurs. We recommend this window film to child minders, playgroups, crèches etc. to upgrade their existing glass to safety standards.  Once fitted, this safety and security window film will be invisible to the eye. The film is an easy to install self-adhesive film that is applied directly to your existing glazing. Once applied, the 100 micron thick safety glass film will upgrade existing glass to meet requirements of British and EU standards certification, BS 6206 Class B and BS EN 12600 Class 2B2.

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clear safety glass film

Clear Safety Glass Film

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  • Professional quality window film
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Easy to cut and trim to size
  • Free sample available upon request.
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