Personalised Glasses

Personalised Glasses

Here we have an exciting & unique collection of personalised glasses, Chose from personalised Gin glasses, personalised Wine glasses, personalised tumblers, personalised prosecco glasses and even personalised tankards! perfect for anyone who love getting tipsy!


1) Personalised Gin and Tonic Balloon Glass – Buy me

Personalised Gin & Tonic Balloon Copa Glass

We really are a nation that LOVES Gin! Therefore what gift could possibly be better! You can personalise this Gin glass with the name of your choice for just £18.00. Oh and remember cheap tonic water can ruin the taste of gin!

Glass Size: H19.5cm x W11.3cm


 2) Personalised Prosecco Glass – Buy me

Aldi have announced that over the xmas period they will be selling 3 litre bottles of Prosecco!! Which equates to 24 glasses! Yes twenty Four!! Here we have our fully personalised glass perfect for the occasion, after all that drinking you will have earned the title Prosecco Queen. You can personalise this Prosecco glass with the name of your choice for just £12.00.

Glass Size: 21.7cm x 8.2cm


 3) Personalised Christmas Tumbler Glass – Buy Me

Personalised Christmas Tumbler Glass

The glass says it all really! Let all Have a Very Merry Christmas! You can personalise this Tumbler glass with the name of your choice for just £12.00.

Glass Size: 8cm x 9.4cm


 4) Personalised Wine Glass – Buy Me

This Personalised Fill to this Line Wine Glass

Size really does matter when it comes to a glass of wine! No one wants a small one. This cheeky personalised wine glass shows you want it large with the humorous fill to this line etched into it. You can personalise this wine glass with the name of your choice for just £12.00.


5) Personalised Tankards Glass – Buy Me

Personalised Christmas Tankard Glass

Don’t settle for the standard beer glass! Go for a tankard, the handle helps prevent your hands from inadvertently warming up your beer or dropping after you’ve had one to many. You can personalise this Tankard with the name of your choice for just £14.99.