Personalised Christening Gifts

When you wish to welcome a little one into the world and celebrate their christening, the best christening gifts are those which are unique and boast bespoke skill, a pinch of love and attention to detail.

A christening is a special occasion for many parents and young ones. It’s a special time where families can come together to show their love and appreciation for the newest little ones among family and friends, and to celebrate their entrance into the church.

If you’re looking for the best christening gifts, then you have come to the right place. At Love Abode, we have plenty of christening gifts to choose from to help celebrate the little ones in your life. You can check out our collection of christening gifts below, including personalised christening gifts for an extra special touch.

Christening Gift Ideas & Their Purpose

A christening is an important milestone in a child’s life, so christening gifts are the perfect opportunity to commemorate this event. It’s also a tradition to give a keepsake to the celebrant, so we have a beautiful range of personalised christening gifts for you to choose from here at Love Abode. These can be personalised with their name, the date of their christening, date of birth, or simply a message from yourself.

Perhaps you’re an aunty, uncle, or godparent who wishes to represent your life commitment with a personalised christening gifts the child and parents can cherish for years to come. Why not opt for one of our silver-plated money boxes engraved with a message, to help them save for the future or safely tuck away pennies from the tooth fairy in their younger years? Perhaps a trinket to hold treasured possessions in?

Engraved christening gifts are a popular choice, giving you the opportunity to personalise many products with favourite quotes, mantras, and messages for the recipient to read at any given time. No matter what your relationship is to the child, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect personalised christening gifts that they will cherish for years to come.

Christening Gifts for Boys

Whether you’re looking at christening gifts for your baby boy, or your godson, nephew, or grandson, we have a selection of christening gifts for boys to suit your needs. By all means, feel free to personalise any of our christening gifts for boys with a click of a button.

Christening Gifts for Girls

If you have a niece, daughter, goddaughter, or granddaughter to buy for, our range of christening gifts for girls is perfect, whether you want something girly or traditional, we have gifts to suit. Personalised christening gifts for girls allow you to create a stunningly elegant keepsake gift engraved with the date of the recipient’s Christening Day, his or her name and the name of the Church.

Personalised Christening Gifts

We have a range of christening gifts that can be personalised to be treasured, whether it’s an engraved keepsake, a personalised cushion, or a personalised christening bible to commemorate the baptism. Our range of unique personalised christening gifts at Love Abode are perfect.

Choosing the perfect personalised christening gifts can often be difficult. However, at Love Abode, we offer you a huge selection of keepsakes to choose from. Unique engraved silver gifts are always a good idea as they can be kept forever. Small, cute gifts such as baby socks or a small trinket box are also perfect to celebrate a christening.

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We want your personalised christening gifts to get to you as quickly as possible and ensure our delivery charges are reasonable. Since these products are bespoke made, lead times will vary per product. Please do check the lead time on the christening gifts you order to ensure you leave enough time before you need it. Remember, we offer FREE Standard Delivery on orders over £25.

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If you still feel unsure about christening gift ideas and the kind of personalised christening gift you’d like to get, or if you’re looking for more inspiration, advice, and assistance, then our friendly team at Love Abode can help. It’s easy to get in touch with us. Simply send us a message or give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

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