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Enhance your home with our range of window film and decorative window films by Love Abode. Across the UK, window film is becoming increasingly popular for many home owners, property renovators, tenants, and business owners. This is due to the multitude of uses window film has for your property.

Window film can be used for decorative purposes, privacy purposes, or light diffusing purposes for example among others. There are also opportunities to personalised and customise window film in different colours, decoration, and styles. If you feel unsure about where to start when it comes to choosing the right window film, our team at Love Abode is on hand to help. Read on to find out more information about the different types of window film available at Love Abode and which type is right for you.

Why Choose Window Film?

Whether you are a home or business owner, there are many uses for window film. For one, window film is an affordable alternative to patterned, decorative or privacy glass – all at a fraction of the effort and cost.

Here at Love Abode, we can assist you in decorating, tinting, colouring, or creating privacy areas of any glass. Business and home owners often require a window film company to either decorate or make a glass area attractive or for creating a privacy screen. Window film provides a low cost and low effort solution with great results – what’s not to love about that?

Common Uses For Privacy Window Film - Frosted Window Film

If you need a solution to privacy without compromising the amount of natural daylight entering, then frosted window film can offer you a contemporary and practical solution. From the outside if an internal light is on it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. You can use our privacy window films as an interesting alternative to net curtains or blinds for a window that is overlooked or facing the street. Choose from either a silver reflective glass film or a patterned window films from our full range. These self-adhesive films are easy to fit and remove, but are not reusable

The most common use for window film UK in private residencies is to provide tenants with more privacy. This is particularly needed on ground floor residences with windows looking out onto busy streets where members of the public could easily look in. Window film can help ‘prying eyes’ be avoided into the windows of residents. This is great for privacy and comfort, but also for security. You may think that this would make your room dark and dingy, but this isn’t the case. Privacy window film can be used without compromising the amount of natural light that floods your home. Our privacy window film options allow for 80%-90% of natural light to enter while maintaining privacy.

Like private tenants, business owners of corporate property value privacy window film. Privacy window film, and in particular black out or frosted window film, provides complete privacy for meeting rooms and offices. This means business dealings can be done in complete privacy with the help of our window film solutions. Frosted window films in particular offer an elegant design to meeting room windows and doors for those looking to improve their aesthetic and increase privacy for employees.

What Is Victorian Window Film?

If you’re looking to add style and atmosphere on a budget, then our traditional value frosted etched glass Victorian window film will help you create style for less as it’s up to 30% cheaper than standard materials. The film is produced by having an etched glass effect print, printed onto a clear self-adhesive vinyl. Once fitted, the film will give the appearance of sandblasted or etched glass and give excellent privacy whilst still allowing 80% of light through. Our Victorian window film is a best seller that’s easy to install – a self-adhesive film that’s applied directly to any smooth glass surface.

Buy Window Film UK, Window Tint Film

If you still feel unsure about what kind of window tint film you need, or if you’re looking for more inspiration, advice, and assistance, then our friendly team at Love Abode can help. It’s easy to get in touch with us. Simply send us a message or give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

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