Personalised Wine Glasses

From personalized wine glasses to other types of personalised glass, Love Abode boasts a great selection of personalised glasses for all occasions. Our engraved personalized wine glasses and champagne flutes make amazing anniversary, birthday, or wedding gifts. We now also stock personalised gin balloon glasses – the perfect way to beGIN any party!

Shop our range of personalized wine glasses and more today to level up your hosting skills or treat someone special in your life. Remember, there is free delivery on all orders over £25 – why not take advantage of this deal by buying for a few upcoming birthdays and occasions?

Gin Balloon Glasses for all Occasions & Beautiful Iridescent Gin Glasses

Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town with your friends or want to treat yourself to a nice glass of gin and tonic to relax in the evenings, make the most out of your drink with gin balloon glasses. Also known as the Copa de Balon, gin balloon glasses boast a unique shape that make your drink taste better due to its wide bowl shape. The unique shape helps collect the botanical scents of your gin, so every sip tastes sublime, especially if you’ve a few fresh citrus slices too. Gin balloon glasses are wide enough to fit plenty of ice and various garnishes inside the glass – all of which enhances the aromas and keeps your drink cooler go longer. More reason to buy yourself gin balloon glasses if you haven’t already.

Go one step further with iridescent gin glasses – these are gin balloon glasses with a contemporary colourful twist. The Iridescent gin glasses offer a modern twist on classic styling. Whether in darker or lighter conditions, these amazing glasses display an amazing spectrum of colours from every angle. Relax and enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic with fantastic iridescent gin glasses.

Personalised Champagne Glasses for Luxurious Gifts

Clink and cheers to our unique range of personalised champagne glasses. These make gorgeous new housewarming gifts or get them wedding gifts. They make popping that bottle of fancy fizz even more tempting. With our personalised champagne glasses, you can place a lyric, name, or meaningful phrase on an engraved design for the prosecco lover in your life. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash and want to take your hosting skills to the next level, personalised champagne glasses are a great opportunity to get creative – chin, chin!

Engraved Wine Glasses for Special Occasions

Surprise a special wine-lover with our range of engraved wine glasses. These are the perfect 18th birthday gift – you can have them engraved with a name or message as a lasting keepsake. They can make an exceptionally thoughtful gift for milestone events such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Engraved wine glasses also make a fun gift for a close friend who loves a glass or two after a long day at work – I’m sure we’ve got plenty of wine lovers in our life. Team up engraved wine glasses with a bottle of their favourite red, white or rose and you have a great gift – the ultimate pamper package if you ask us!

If you have a favourite couple or know a couple who have just moved into their first home, you can get them his and hers engraved personalised wine glasses, with their different names on each.

Whatever the occasion, engraved wine glasses cover a range of celebrations – you can order yours today online.

Personalised Drinking Glass

At Love Abode you will find several types of personalised drinking glasses to choose from. The abovementioned wine, gin, and champagne glasses are some of our most popular choices. However, we’ve also got more casual personalise drinking glasses such as pint glasses and whisky tumblers – perfect for the men in your life. Indeed, these would make great father’s day gifts. Whether it’s birthdays, valentines, or any kind of special occasion, you’ll find a wide variety of personalised drinking glasses in a variety of sizes to gift all your favourite drinking buddies!

Buy Personalized Wine Glasses & More Today with Love Abode

If you still feel unsure about what kind of personalised glass you’d like to get, or if you’re looking for more inspiration, advice, and assistance, then our friendly team at Love Abode can help. It’s easy to get in touch with us. Simply send us a message or give us a call. We’re always happy to help!

Personalised Glass FAQs

Can I Wash My Personalised Glass in the Dishwasher?

Our range of personalised glasses are all dishwasher safe since they are made using durable methods and materials. However, in some cases it may be best to hand wash with warm soapy water.

How long is delivery for personalised glasses?

We want your personalised glasses to get to you as quickly as possible and ensure our delivery charges are reasonable. Since these products are bespoke made, lead times will vary per product. Please do check the lead time on the glass type you order to ensure you leave enough time before you need it. Remember, we offer FREE Standard Delivery on orders over £25.

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